What is Keeper's Dissension: Unchained?

Keeper's Dissension is an intense two player strategy game where players battle it out in a great civil war using powerful warriors, abilities, and resources! Click below to be taken to our kickstarter page.

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How to Play

How to Move and Attack

How to Use Abilities and Strange Matter

Team Members


Owner and Lead Game Designer

Tim being the family guy that he is, grew to love many types of games from board games to video games. In time, his standards for what a game should be began pushing him to search for more original and rewarding games, only to come up short. As a solution to this problem, he decided to begin developing games himself, hence spawning "Maverick Masterminds!"


Testing and Development

Sam loves all things games, and acts as the company's game tester and developer, breaking and fixing any rules Tim may come up with, and contributing his own ideas to better the games. He plans to create his own game and publish it in the near future.


Graphics and Design

Joseph acts as Maverick Masterminds' main graphic designer. A game designer as well, Joseph has created an entire rpg Adventure by himself and has many other surprises up his sleeve! His layout skills and card game experience are vital to the company, and his sharp eye help keep Tim and Sam in check when it comes to broken rules or lack of clarity.


You play as a Keeper in a civil war between protectors of worlds called Keepers. Eons ago, when worlds were protected by Keepers, a great darkness known as the Dark Fester was discovered on the outskirts of the universe. This entity had an endless hunger for consuming life, and began spreading at an alarming rate throughout the worlds.

In response, the Keepers joined forces to battle this new evil, but to no avail; for the Dark Fester’s source of strength was in the feeding on their own life energy, growing stronger as the Keepers grew weaker. In a last attempt to find success, the Keepers removed their LifeForces, leaving them in the protection of powerful Guardians on their home planets. With their LifeForces aside, the Keepers were able to regenerate their bodies in the event of destruction, and now - no longer strengthening the Dark Fester - they were able to finally engage it head on. Triumphantly, they subdued the Dark Fester and sent it back from where it came, immediately placing safeguards to prevent the Dark Fester from ever returning.

Their victory was bittersweet, however; for in the midst of this struggle, a split had arisen over leadership, resulting in a great civil war of the Keepers known as the Keeper’s Dissension.

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